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10149 Canoga Ave. Unit I
Chatsworth, CA, 91311
United States

(818) 746-3060

Dyno Tuning

KT Motoring Inc. offers custom tuning and ECM re-flash for Mitsubishi and Subaru vehicles. Tuning is a major component in order to create reliable horsepower and could mean the difference between winning and losing. From daily-driver cars to dedicated race cars, there are many factors that make up a great performance tune such as power & torque delivery, smooth drivability, cold-start, idle characteristics and even fuel economy. We offer the most extensive tuning knowledge and capabilities by our tuner Phillip Allsup with over 6 years of tuning experience.

Lancer Evolution VIII-X Tune
from 300.00

ECU Flash for 91, E85, or Race fuel. Please choose single map, dual maps or re-tune. 

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Why Dyno Dynamics?

  • Most accurate true wheel horsepower rating.

  • The most flexible dyno option with the ability to tune RWD, FWD and AWD vehicles.

  • Tune race ready vehicles with the high power capability of the quad retarder option.

  • Diagnose engine and transmission faults in 4WD, RWD & FWD vehicles.

  • Steady State capabilities- Hold at an exact RPM without wandering, cutting down tuning time.

  • Industrial spec computer with a solid state hard drive- Long lasting and no noise interference.

For all the videos that try and give you a good picture of what this exhaust sounds like here it really is Info on the car is it's a 2011 MR with full bolt ons dynoed today at KT motoring on a heart breaker dyno at 285whp and 315wtq