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10149 Canoga Ave. Unit I
Chatsworth, CA, 91311
United States

(818) 746-3060

Dyno Rental

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Dyno Rental

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Dyno Rental

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Dyno Rental Policies:

  1. Dyno rental time starts from the point the vehicle is strapped on the dyno and ready to go, until the time the engine is shut off for the final time. Un-loading of the vehicle is free of charge.
  2. There is a minimum dyno charge of 1 hour, even if the session is completed early.
  3. Dyno time is billed hourly. 
  4. A sniffer is available however we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the readings if the car has any exhaust leaks. This method is not suitable for vehicles equipped with catalytic converters.
  5. Vehicles that run leaded fuels are charged an $50 fee to use the dyno wideband due to the deterioration of the sensor with leaded fuels.
  6. Included with the rental is an operator to run the dyno. We take no responsibility for damage that results to your vehicle as a result of normal operation. If we operate the dyno we will follow simple instructions and accept no responsibility to inform your tuner of vehicle status. For example we are not responsible for watching manifold pressure, air fuel ratio, water temp. This is the tuners responsibility. The reason for this is to ensure there is a clear understanding of responsibilities during tuning to avoid dangerous assumptions. Please ensure your tuner understands this prior to your session.
  7. There will be no discount or refund if your vehicle has overheating problems on the dyno. We have state of the art fans to help with vehicle cooling, but a radiator fan is still recommended to reduce cool down time.
  8. If at the dyno appointment you realize that you forgot something essential to operate the vehicle, you will be charged for the full 1 hour minimum. However, we will wait on site for the duration of that time if you can get the tool or part that you require. While KT Motoring Inc. makes an attempt to assist you in getting the vehicle to operate correctly – it is YOUR responsibility to have what you need. It is YOUR responsibility to let us know if your car is too low for the dyno. KT Motoring Inc. will not be held responsible for damage to a lowered vehicle.